Feliz Filadelfia’s Luis Rivera Featured on CBS3 Philly for Phillies Jr. RBI Kids and WIFFLE Ball Tournament

Feliz Filadelfia is in the news again!

Congratulations, to Luis Rivera, a member of Feliz Filadelfia’s Angels aged 9-10 baseball team. Rivera was interviewed by CBS3 news for a feature story about the events held during the Citizens Bank Park’s WIFFLE Ball Tournament. The Jr. RBI WIFFLE Ball Tournament is touted as a way for Citizens Bank to give back to the Jr RBI program. Dozens of kids had the opportunity to meet the Phillies’ Phanatic and show off their athleticism. During the news clip, Rivera mentioned that he played baseball for Feliz Filadelfia and that he had a great coach, Jose Rivera.

Rivera was also a part of the larger event, the Jr. RBI/RBI League Awards Recognition Night. The event is a way for the Phillies organization to recognize the RBI coaches and leaders for their hard work and dedication to bringing the joy of playing baseball and softball to the youth of Philadelphia. Prior to bringing out the award winners, Rivera was one of two league players invited onto the baseball field to hold the RBI banner.

A close-up shot of Rivera holding the banner flashed across the Citizens Bank Park jumbotron screens (see above).

A Special Wiffle Ball Tournament At Citizens Bank Park: