Feliz Filadelfia Angels’ pitcher Keury Perez, a student at Samuel Fels High School, threw a 7-inning no-hitter this past weekend against the Philadelphia Flames in the 19u Philadelphia Phillies RBI league. It would have been a perfect game except Keury hit one Flames batter. This rare feat secured a 9-0 victory, keeping the Angels undefeated for the season at 3-0. Catcher Kevin Rosa was virtually speechless, “I can’t believe I just caught a no-hitter.”

Another hero was Councilman Anthony Phillips. When Feliz Filadelfia coaches inspected the new 19u home field at Ziehler Playground two days before the game, they found it virtually unplayable with grass growing in the infield. After a desperate call to the councilman’s office, the next day city crews were out restoring the field to pristine condition!