Melanie WrightThe Board of Directors of Feliz Filadelfia, announced today that Melanie Wright has been named Executive Director of Feliz Filadelfia. In this role Wright is responsible for driving the development, growth, and the capacity building strategy of the organization and its impact on providing Philadelphia’s children with equitable access to sports-based youth development programs.

In announcing the appointment of Wright, Jose Rivera, founder and chair of Feliz Filadelfia’s Board of Directors, stated “Melanie brings in a wealth of experience in strategic leadership and stakeholder engagement. She has already helped Feliz obtain tax-free status and connected Feliz Filadelfia with various community and sports organizations. Melanie has the skills, talents, and personality to advance Feliz Filadelfia’s mission throughout Olney and its surrounding Philadelphia neighborhoods.”

Wright has more than 15 years of executive level experience in nonprofit and for-profit management, fundraising, marketing and consulting. She has a proven track record of helping organizations establish relevance and drive business growth through high-profile partnerships with Microsoft, Google, NFL, MLB the WNBA and The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committees.

“I am pleased to be working with Feliz Filadelfia to help lead the organization’s initiatives to ensure that more diverse groups of young people have access to sports development programs,” said Wright. Their programs provide positive role models, mentors and community engagements, which help young people develop aspirations to pursue higher education and decrease participation in risky behaviors.”

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Feliz Filadelfia

FELIZ FILADELFIA helps to build more engaged and powerful communities through sports-based youth development programs, community advocacy and partnerships with the public and private sectors. By serving as a nexus that links community groups with schools, arts and environmental organizations, we help to build Philadelphia’s communities into more vibrant, healthier, equitable and sustainable places to live.