Feliz Filadelfia is pleased to announce the creation of our very own community garden. We are collaborating with Scott Quitel, Founder/CEO and Steve Jones, Nursery Operations Director at, LandHealth Institute, to provide green space for community use. It is our intention to increase the availability of nutritious foods, provide a space to grow low-cost, fresh fruits and vegetables, create a sustainable environment, empower our community, and strengthen our relationships. Our garden will allow our neighbors to come together to organize and build. Persons interested in reserving a planting plot or needing more information should contact Feliz Filadelfia.

Gardening is a rewarding activity. As a community, we will see the results of our cooperation, hard work, and patience. We will also improve our environment by reducing air pollution. Our youth will come together and learn the importance of teamwork. The community garden at Feliz Filadelfia will provide an opportunity to create positive social change and we are excited to bring this to life.

The American Community Garden Association (ACGA) describes a community garden to be a place that can grow flowers, vegetables or community. This is exactly what our garden will do. Our garden will be a center for growth. We will not only grow flowers and vegetables, but we will also assist with personal growth. We will bring our community together. We will grow together!

LandHealth Institute

(From L- R) Jose Rivera, Board President Feliz Filadelfia; Dan Gordon, Board Member, Feliz Filadelfia; Scott Quitel, Founder and CEO LandHealth Institute; Steve Jones, Nursery Operations Director LandHealth Institute.

Top left: Jose Rivera, Feliz Filadelfia Board President, Edna Rivera Board Member, and Alex Crespo, Board Member.

Top right: (middle) Steve Jones, Nursery Operations Director LandHealth Institute.

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