A FREE preseason soccer practice was held on August 23 at the Hammond Fields.

The free practice session was for youngsters six to twelve. Coach Taz McDermott of the Street Soccer USA oversaw the practice.

The soccer program was introduced last week at a special clinic and about 40 youngsters attended. The response was so strong that Feliz Filadelfia, in conjunction with Street Soccer USA, has committed to a schedule of two practices a week starting the week of September 11 through the end of October.

All practices will be at the Hammond Fields. Depending on the development of the players, games both intramural or against other teams are planned for the end of the season.

Street Soccer USA is based in New York and has soccer programs in 17 cities around the country and has been running neighborhood programs in Philadelphia for several years.

For additional information contact Jose Rivera.

Soccer Practice at Feliz Filadelfia's Hammond Fields