Feliz Filadelfia Angels’ A-Team defeated Vogt Rec in the semi-finals playoff game to proceed to the playoff championship of the 9-10 division.

During the regular season, Vogt Lightning finished 2nd in the division and Feliz Filadelfia finished 3rd.

With the win Feliz Filadelfia advanced to its second straight championship game.

After a wild game against their friends from team B in the previous round, the A team showed no mercy and hit the ball from start to finish.

Pitcher Charlie Fontanez pitched the first three innings without giving up a hit. The Angels batters were all hitting the ball on this day scoring 7 runs in the first inning.

Coach Christopher Perez reminded his team that they had a 5-0 lead in the previous game and told them to play as if they were losing. The team got his message and never looked back !

The final score was 14-2 and Feliz Filadelfia advanced to the Championship game which will be played on Saturday at #1 seed Parkwood 12:00 pm.

The two teams met twice before with Parkwood winning the 1st game 4-3 and winning the second game 15-11. Hopefully “The third time’s the charm” for our Angels!